How to SPI with MetaWear

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At the bottom of, it says "the MetaWear board supports SPI... you can take a look at the SDK documentation to learn how to drive additional sensors and peripherals with these modules".

Can you direct to the documentation about SPI ?  I see i2c in the API code and in the docs, but can't locate anything about SPI.   Thank you


  • Hey Tyler,

    We haven't released the SPI firmware update yet because of the MetaWear RG / RPRO release. We will let you know when SPI becomes available.

    Can I ask what kind of peripheral you plan to use with SPI?
  • I don't actually have anything yet, just wanted to confirm the status of that feature.  In the past I was looking at this and this.
  • Tyler,

    Sweet add-ons, any specific ideas on what you are going to build?

  • Hi Mbientlab Team,

    Any updates on the SPI firmware update release?

    I'm nearing my project deadline, and would like to have the Metawear R control the following digital potentiometer (or similar):

    Thank you!
  • Hi rezaii24,

    RG/RPro firmware has now been shipped, and we have an early internal release firmware with SPI functionality that we are testing out.  Mobile APIs would still need to be updated and shipped.

    What is your hard deadline and which platform are you using?

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