4.0.1 iOS SDK Release + Cocoapods + MetaWear App source code + MetaBase App source code

Hi everyone,

Please note that we have just release iOS SDK 4.0.1 along with the updated cocoapod:

I have also put the MetaWear App source code in its own repository:

And last but not least, for the first time, the MetaBase App source code is available on github:


  • Hello Laura,

    Thanks for this update, I imagine this will fix the compilation issue with the "init()" method when upgrading to latest xcode 12.5.1

    What is the minimum deployment target for 4.0.1 pod? Our project is on 11.0 but I cannot install the pod.


  • I update to the latest versions for everything.

  • Hi Laura ,

    Any new SDK version recent releases ?

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