Android App v2.5.26

An update to the sample app has been released, adding support for MetaWear R+Gyro (Pro) boards.  The update is live on the Google play store and a direct download of the signed APK file is provided on the GutHub releases page.

Release Notes


  • May I know where I can find the documentation to use the Gyro sensor? And in which fragment is the Gyro sensor being used?
  • The app currently does not support the new sensors.  This release updates the code support R PRo and RG with existing app features.

    Gyro documentation is on the docs page:
  • My LG G Flex is still on Android 4.2.2
    Is there a version of the Metawear app that can still run on that version of Android?
    I have the Metawear RG board

  • The app requires a minimum of Android 4.3 to run.  As far as I know, Bluetooth LE is only on Android 4.3 and higher.  Unless there is a strong reason for you to stay on 4.2.2, you should upgrade to at minimum Android 4.4.
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