How can I configure Sleep mode on RG?

I want to build a real time monitoring system with Metawear sensors. So in most cases, I have to use streaming mode to fetch data from sensors. However, power consumption is a huge problem. Ideally, I'd like the board send back activities when an activity is detected by accelerometer (acceleration exceeds a predefined threshold) and stop sending data when no activity is detected (acceleration is consistent and below threshold). 

I read through some of the posts in the forum and found that Auto Sleep mode is similar to what I expected. However, in the Android Document, I only find this setting under Mma8452q Accelerometer Class. I've got R/RG/RPro sensors and preordered C model, only R model use that accelerometer. I wondered how can I configure the Auto Sleep mode on RG/RPro/C? This is really critical since I want to make sure my development is compatible with all kinds of sensors.


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    The Android API does not yet support sleep mode for the RG/Pro boards.  We are still working on enabling more features of the RG/RPro accelerometer on the Android side.
  • Eric,

    Do you have an estimation when those new features can be released on Android side?
  • I don't have a hard timeline, I would say end of the month.  We are currently focused on firmware improvements at the moment.
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