How to check in Android that new firmware is available?

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On iOS there is a checkForFirmwareUpdateWithHandler: function that can just check that new firmware is available for download. But I didn't find the similar method in Android API, just AsyncOperation<Void> updateFirmware(DfuProgressHandler handler). I believe it isn't very convenient to have only update method, it's more friendly to make user know about new updates before, and allow him/her to decide.
So is it possible on Android just check if new firmware available?
Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Presently there is no function to do a firmware check with the Android API.  Firmware updates are not frequently released so it is not a high priority item for now.
  • OK, may I use then a file to check for new firmware by direct GET request? Looks like it contains all needed info about firmware releases for all possible MetaWear model numbers.
  • Yes, that json file is what the iOS API uses for the firmware check.
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