Firmware Release 0.1.0 is Live

The first official release of MetaWear firmware is now live.

The specifications can be found in the Development Center under Hardware Specifications.

Please note that this is an alpha release, and there will be several iterations with quality improvements and feature expansion before the first batch of boards ship.

Release Highlights:
  • MetaWear BLE Protocol Framework for Future Feature Modules
  • GPIO Control
  • Accelerometer Data, Free Fall, and Orientation Support
  • Temperature Sensor Readout
  • Stable Bootloader for In-Field Updates
  • Mechanical Switch Notifications
  • LED Illumination with a Static Color
  • Programmatic Device Reset
The capabilities of each module have been limited for the first release, with our focus being on laying the foundation and setting standards for consistency.  Let us know what features and capabilities matter the most to you, and we'll adjust our focus accordingly.


  • Any update as to when we might be able to see and source for the firmware?
  • The Firmware source code is not open. You can download and write your own firmware through
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