I2C or other com protocol


I am very excited about receiving my Kickstarter reward.  I've been reading the documentation in anticipation.  I am going to see if MetaWear can provide a good connectivity solution for my own product which I plan to Kickstart in the near future.  I would like to access the I2C bus through the api to talk to peripheral wired devices, but I don't see anything there to handle it.  Did I miss something or is this part of the API not yet developed?



  • At the moment, the I2C bus is not exposed through the API.  The firmware dev is currently on vacation but I will ask him about the I2C bus when he gets back.
  • I'm really looking forward to some kind of documentation and examples for the I2C bus. That's my main purpose with the metawear. 
  • MagneTagcelfa, this is in progress. We will let you know when we release it.
  • hi, would you think it will be ready for Wearhacks hackathon in Montreal 26-28sept? even if prelim?
  • @Laura are there any news?
  • Not sure about this one; it gives us very little time to test. It will likely be available in October.
  • I'm willing to work with a preliminary api. even if reliability and testing isn't complete.
  • @Laura any news or more specific release date? 
  • Celfa,
    I don't have good news here. The problem with I2C is that it's extremely difficult to turn it into something you can use on the iOS side. We are definitely having some issues with this dev. 
  • Have there been any updates on this?
  • We have basic I2C functionality and it is currently undergoing testing.
    We will release after the 0.8.0 bug is fixed.
  • Great thanks for the quick update.
  • @Laura ;
    Are there coming any examples with a simple sensor connected to I2C?
  • I can see that the firmware now supports I2C. Are you planning to make any examples? 

  • We will definitely release some samples using I2C in the next couple of weeks.
  • I'm going to be using Metaware in some demos at the Wearables Tech Confernce next month and would love to have some of these examples to include as part of the demo.

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