Meta Environment Accelerometer and Gyro not working

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I just receive my two Meta Environment (Hardware Revision 2.0, Firmware Revision 1.1.3)  However I was not able to read the accelerometer/gyro data. My app works fine with the MetaWear C. I thought it is strange given, that they have the same sensor. Trying to see if it works with the official Android app from mbientlab I encounter the same problem. Works with the MetaWear C but not the MetaEnvironment. I can read the Barometer data though. So the Meta Environment must be connected correctly. Any advice on how to proceed? 

Also I was wondering if the Android  API does support the BME280? What Module can I use to read the Humidity?



  • We're in the process of updating the APIs and firmware to properly support the MetaWear env boards.  Also, the env boards only have an accelerometer; they do not have a gyro.
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    Hi Eric, 

    Thanks for the reply. Really? You sell a sensor that is not supported yet by the API? I'm in a time sensitive project. Can you give me any time frame when the android API will support the sensor? Does another API already support the MetaWear Env Boards?

    In the store the specs for the MetaWear Env Boards clearly states, that the board has a BMI160 motion sensor with both accelerometer and gyro. Does it really only have an accelerometer and no gyro? 
  • SPECs,

    We are updating the firmware for the ENV sensor at the moment. The new App and API will be released very soon and will fix known bugs.

    I apologize for any delays or inconveniences Specs. We are working overtime to update our website.

    You are correct, the Env board has only an accelerometer on it, no gyro.

    If you email me at I would be happy to send you coupons so you can get the sensor you need at a special price.
  • Hi Laura, 

    I'm happy to hear the ENV will be supported soon. 

    It's a huge disappointment though that the ENV does not have a gyro as stated on the webpage at the time I bought it. Anyway I hope you get the ENV up an running very soon.

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