Reset with on-board button push


I would like to make the board reset when on-board button pushed
I'm running the following code and it does not reset the board (a blinking LED keeps blinking), am I missing anything?

private Switch switchModule;
private Debug debugController;
try {
switchModule = mwBoard.getModule(Switch.class);
debugController = mwBoard.getModule(Debug.class);
} catch (UnsupportedModuleException ignored) {

switchModule.routeData().fromSensor().monitor(new DataSignal.ActivityHandler() {
public void onSignalActive(Map<String, DataProcessor> processors, DataSignal.DataToken token) {


  • You are holding the button down too long, which causes the board boot into bootloader mode.  The button should not be used to trigger resets for this reason.
  • Can't this 'too long' be debounced e.g. use a macro that ignores the button push immediately after reset?
  • Holding the button down on boot is a built in method to force bootloader mode.
  • What does bootloader do ?

    How would you recommend to provide means for reset ?

    As always your support is highly appreciated
  • Bootloader mode is for performing firmware updates.

    There is no recommended way to do board resets other than connecting to the board and issuing the command manually through the API.  Resetting the board is for the development stages of programming your board, not for a finished product.
  • Thanks for the info, however for me onboard  reset capability would be useful feature.
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