Multi-chained autonomous sensing

Hi Eric,

I attempt to program the RPRO board to function according to the following scenario:

1)      Reduce BLE advertising to minimum

2)      Activate the Light sensor and monitor its values till it reach threshold A (darkness conditions)

3)      When the light sensor reach threshold A start measuring ADC on GPIO0, and monitor the ADC values to become stable within given range. At this point store the ADC value.

4)      Wait for the light sensor to reach threshold B (day-light conditions) and at this point restore the BLE communication and 

5) Stream out the stored ADC result.

Stages 2-3-4 should flow autonomously without any BLE communication in between.

Please let me know if it is possible on current firmware, and is there a limitation for the non communication time period of the board?

Please advise




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    Yes this is possible.  You can use the settings module to control the ble advertisement.  However, the board cannot initiate a btle connection so your mobile device will have to periodically perform btle scans to see if the board is connectable.
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