Incorporating C++ API into existing Visual Studio Win32 project

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I haven't used VS too much, and I was wondering if anyone could show me how to include the metawear C++ API into my project. I tried creating a Windows Runtime Component, but I ran into a bunch of different errors. If someone could show the settings they used with the project properties and what sort of project they added it as, that'd be great!



  • If you haven't already, please read the Visual Studio section in the README and take a look at the C# Wrapper project for a working example.

    What are the errors you are seeing in your build?  I don't think a Windows Runtime component is compatible with a Win32 project.  It is meant to be used in Universal Windows Platform projects.
  • I think that was the problem: winrt isn't compatible with win32. That being said, I was able to build the C# wrapper example. Do you have any ideas about how I could incorporate a dll or one of the other library files that are produced into my C++ application? Or do I just need to find a way to include the C++ API in a different way?
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    You can compile the API as a Win32 DLL or integrate the code directly with your project.
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