Reactive Backing

Hi, I am a Music Tech Lecturer and new hardware/software developer based in the North of England.

I recieved a metawear C module last year as part of the original kickstarter, as this seems perfect for my needs.

The project in am working on is a system of reactive backing, so that a backing track follows the musician. The current proof of concept is a wiimote nunchuk accelerometer modded into an enclosure and strapped to a shoe connected to a mac via a third party software called OSCulator. This then sends OSC data to a Max for Live Patch this figures out foot taps and changes the tempo of the Digital Audio Workstation Ableton Live. I demo'd the system at the Innovation in Music conference last year and had some very encouraging feedback.

I am now looking to source the hardware and program the software to develop this into vst and au plugins (probably using the JUCE or IPlug C++ libraries)

The metawear modules look very encouraging, but I need to be able to create reliable and cross platform desktop/laptop connection software that would hopefully form part of the plugin(s)

I hope that you can help me, my programming skills have been limited to very high level stuff like Cycling 74's Max, but I am willing to learn.

Hope that you can help!


  • We have libraries for both Windows and OS X to facilitate the retrievable of sensor data from the MetaWEar boards.  You can take a look at our tutorial page for a quick programming introduction.
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