100Hz streaming doesn't work on Galaxy Tab A (Android V 5.1.1)

Found someone else reported this too [http://community.mbientlab.com/discussion/1695/inconsistent-data-streaming] - but it looks like apps based on 100Hz accelerometer streaming doesn't work on Galaxy Tab A. (Android V 5.1.1).

The data streamed and captured with Galaxy tablet is wrong (CSV files) compared with other Android tablets/phones (Asus, etc.).
1. For products based on BLE streaming - is this an issue? Not being able to support various Android tablets/phones in the market?
2. Is there anything we can do [other than store/read -> which has limitations] in the code to support galaxy tab A ?



  • You can try changing the connection parameters as mentioned in the post you linked or see if Android M offers better performance.

    Since all Android devices are different, there's not really much you can do if the BLE radio in the Galaxy Tab A does not work as well as other Android devices.  You should keep in mind that BLE is not meant for streaming a high volume of data.  Products like the FitBit don't send raw acceleration data to the phone.  Rather, they manipulate the data onboard to compute step counts and other fitness metrics and instead send these values over.
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