Data Route timed out exception

While trying to establish a data route with the sensors, ( accelerometer in my case) I am getting a 
java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Adding a data route timed out after 8500ms

The service gets connected,
then when I do a mwBoard.connect with the board Object it connects,
The Connection State Handler is called at 
void connected(){
Now when I try to establish a route , I get this exception.
Again this is not always but the error appears without any pattern.
Sometimes the issue is resolved after a restart of the android device and sometimes a restart of both the sensor and the android device is required.


  • This is a result from the board allocating too many resources.  You can reset the board to put it back into a clean state.
  • This is happening on a new Board too 
  • What Android device and OS are you using?
  • Nexus 7 ASUS tablet, with Android 6.0.1

    We have a couple of them and in one, the Metawear or the metabase app fails to discover any metawear board , but the native bluetooth app can find the boards.
    Custom android apps with the metawear api can also connect to the boards
  • Do you have different Android devices to test with?
  • We are also using a Sony D2212 phone , which runs on Android 4.4.4

    The MetaWear official app works but the MetaBase crashes.
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