iOS Sensor Fusion sample app

When I run the app I get as far as the message "place the device on a level surface for a few seconds" which I have done but nothing happens. Any suggestions please?


    • What board are you using?
    • What is the firmware version?
    • What Xcode version are you developing on?
    • What iOS device are you running the app on?
    • What are the exact steps to reproduce?
  • CPro
    iPhone 6S

    I downloaded the project from GitHub and opened the SensorFusion.xcworkspace file. Then I ran the project from Xcode. The app recognized my device, I connected to it, then on the 'Device' screen the message appeared. And I can't get past that.

  • You should read through the code and update it as needed based on your application. It's free open source code and should be maitained by the community.
  • Yes I was hoping for some feedback from the community. Although I am somewhat miffed that no one at mbientlab can't even get me past the first screen. Has anyone out there tried this app? Did it work for you?
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