Need help integrating heart sensing

I am very new to programming, and am trying to figure out how to get basic heart rate sensing on my app. I have an RPRO with an appended heart rate sensor. I took the sample iOS app and can get a stream of temperature sensing. However, upon browsing this page:

I have no idea how to possibly implement this or where to copy it to. Upon copying to "DeviceDetailViewController.m" I got tons of errors and undeclared variables and didn't know how to declare these. 

Can anybody guide me in the right direction? 

Thank you in advance! 


  • This are the 3 errors I have boiled it down to in the process of importing the header files from the heart rate app. 
  • Check the documentation for MBLGpioPin (iOS api v2.7.2).
  • So should I repalce where it says setToDigitalValue with setToDigitalValueAsync ? as that seems to be the name of the new function.

    When doing that it clears those errors, but the last error still shows up, saying  
    No visible @interface for 'MBLData<MBLNumericData*>' declares the selector 'readWithHandler;' 
    I am not sure what to do about that one? 
  • I unable to just replace readWithHandler with readAsync   
  • What does the IDE show as valid functions when you attempt to use the MBLGpioPin object?
  • As I begin to type readAsync it begins to autofill a suggestion. However, when I click the suggestion it just gives the error: 

    No visible @interface for 'MBLData<MBLNumericData*>' declares the selector 'readWithHandler;' 

  • Can you confirm what version of the iOS SDK you are using?

    If you updated the API you need to make sure to perform both a "Clean" and "Clean Build Folder".  Otherwise the autocomplete will use stale information parsed from the older SDK.

  • Here is the iOS SDK version information I have:
    I've also gone through and done both a clean (shift+command+K) and a Clean build folder (command+option+shift+K) and I still continue with that same error.

    Any ideas? 
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