Battery level stays at 0%

Hello all,

I purchased two PCS of Meta Wear R, charged, connected to my smartphone and they work great. But I also needed to implement some kind of battery monitoring in my app and I realized that one of these Meta Wear R devices always return 0% no matter if I plug it in USB. Other one works great.
I read somewhere that upgrading to the newest version of firmware should fix these problems but it didn't fix it.

Could it be hardware issue or I can test something else?


  • Is the only issue with the 0% board the always 0% battery level i.e. everything else works just fine?  Also, what API calls are you using to read the battery level?
  • I'm using this code:

    mwBoard.readBatteryLevel().onComplete(new AsyncOperation.CompletionHandler() {
    public void success(Byte result) {
    ((TextView) view.findViewById(, "%d", result));

    public void failure(Throwable error) {
    ((TextView) view.findViewById(;

    Everything else works, only battery level stays at 0%.
    I have two identical MetaWear R devices, both are on the same firmware. One reports battery level just fine, other reports 0%. It only makes sense if board is defective.
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    Since you're using the latest firmware, I presume that reading the battery through the Settings module also produces the same result?

    Also, Laura will follow up with you regarding this issue.
  • Doesn't work neither.
  • I didn't get any response for this issue? Should I report it again using support email or?
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