Wrong acceleration values when sampling at 800Hz


I'm new to this nice tool, so be patient if I'm asking something maybe stupid.

I just need to plot the acceleration changes. I am enabling only the accelerometer sensor with the app "MetaBase" and after the config phase I am capturing and sending the csv file to my compute (plotting the data on Excel).

Until lst week everything was working fine no matter sampling frequency I was using. Instead now if I chose a sample f <=100Hz everything works fine (I am able to see acceleration profiles coerent with the movement performed), using 200-400-800Hz I always receive the same data (x,y values almost null) and z almost costant to 1 (basically the data I would receive keeping the sensor still, whereas I am actually moving it).

I thought the only limitation with f higher than 100Hz is for displaying in real time values, why am i having problems also for the logging?

I already tried to unistall and install again the app. Andoird vs is 4.4.2

Thanks in advance for your help!


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    • What type of board are you using and what firmware is it running?
    • Where you only using the MetaBase app the entire time?
  • Hi Eric,

    I am using MetaHealth vs C (hw revision 0.3). Fw version 1.2.5

    I am using only MetaBase and MetaWear apps.
  • MetaHealth board?  Or do you mean MetaWear C?

    Hrm, this is an odd behavior given that everything was working before.  Can you try re-flashing the firmware with the MetaWear app and using a fresh coin cell battery?
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