Sensor broadcasting information triggered by on board events

As we know, we can capture events on the MetaWear sensor when we are connected to the sensor. 

Is there a way for the sensor to broadcast the event such as button pressed when the sensor is not connected to any other devices? 

We would like to show an alert/notification on our mobile phone when the button is pressed. Are you aware of any previous sample project that has a similar feature?


  • You can use the major and minor iBeacon parameters to encode different messages and program the board to set these parameters to different values depending on the event.  The app will have to continuously scan for ble devices and detect changes in the major/minor values.

  • Thank you. It sounds like what I am working on. So is there any similar projects or other solutions using MetaWear boards that you are aware of?
  • No, not that I know of.
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