Smart Wearable Device - BLE distance

We have planned to make new product like smart wearable device using your metawear board. can you please describe about BLE in this board. how much max distance it will work?



  • BLE works up to a~100 meters. This is highly dependent on the environment.
  • My Pebble uses BLE and it works pretty reliably up to 50 feet (15 meters).
  • heathborders,
    Don't forget the Pebble is dual mode so it uses both BLE and Bluetooth Classic.
  • Laura the theoretical max distance of ble is < 100m so your response doesn't answer the question. Assuming no obstructions, example open field, are you stating the metawear board will operate at a range of 100m ??
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    Nope, it all depends on the environment and your device. 
    You have to test the range of your Bluetooth device in your product environment. The range will even vary device to device. There are many factors like antenna strength, proper antenna matching circuitry, and your surroundings that can affect Bluetooth range.
    Generally we find our MetaWear devices are very reliant between two rooms in a home (roughly 30 to 50 feet).
  • Test1 : I have tested BLE connection distance in my home, when i steps up more than 15 feet, BLE connection disconnected from mobile. there is no walls in-between that feet.
    Test2 : I have covered metawear board in polytechnic plastic cover (courier package cover which i received from you), and test with connection. i didn't get connectivity from board (tested with 1 feet distance)
    Test3 : One room to another room - not working (10 feet distance with Wall)

    This is for common to all BLE module or any other configuration required for more accuracy. let know the best practice to good connectivity range.

  • For what its worth, I completely agree with Laura.  the biggest variations are seem by changing antenna designs but there is no minimum or maximum range.  it all depends.

    Unfortunate, but true.  at the end of the day this is an RF device.  no free lunch.

  • Hi:

    We've been using the module outside and get up to 100 feet consistently.
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