onboardThermistor stopped reporting, onDieThermistor reporting OK

I am writing an app based on the StarterProject app just to learn about the board and how to talk to it. I've run into what I think is a hardware issue.

The onboardThermistor was working fine in my app using periodicRead with a period of 500ms. But suddenly it stopped reporting anything at all. isNotifying was returning true. When I switched to onDieThermistor it started reporting again.

Any ideas?


    • How long did it take for the on board thermistor to stop sending temperature data?
    • Does said thermistor provide data again once the board and app are restartred?
  • I would say it took a couple of days and had stopped reporting completely. It has been several days though since I have checked again. I will test again and let you know.
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