Connecting a microphone module with the CPRO

I'm doing a project with the CPRO sensor, the aim of the project is to detect snoring by utilising a microphone module. We bought a small microphone module from ebay, link. We connected the mic and CPRO together (pictures link) and made the app using Android Studio and did the appropriate coding as instructed on the GPIO docs to get the input signal, but the output doesn't seem to reflect the surrounding noise level, it might be because the coding is wrong but it might be because the mic module needs 5v DC power supply whereas the spec sheet for the CPRO says that the GPIO pins has a max input and output high voltage of 3v. So its either the coding is wrong or it is just physically not possible to do....Any suggestion?



  • @DanT

    The way that circuit is designed, it most likely needs the full 5V for the amplifier to operate correctly.  If you are able to provide the full 5V or find a module designed for 3V operation, you should be able to make use of the digital output threshold detector.  The threshold detector would tell you if noise levels increase beyond some point.

    The more general case of sampling the microphone at audio frequencies is too fast for the BLE link to transfer the data.

    With your 3V setup, you might try adjusting the trimmer potentiometer on the microphone module to see if the threshold level is the issue.
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