0.8 firmware update

Today I got a message that i could update to firmware 0.8. I updated and now i can't access to the Metawear board
I reinstalled the iOS app, but it won't work. :(

iPhone 5 -> iOS 8.1

Thank you


  • schartiph,

    Ok the firmware files are up on the server and updating your board should work just fine.

    It is likely you are running the outdated buggy App that isn't iOS 8 compliant. Can you delete the MetaWear App on your iPhone and download it again from the App store. It should work with the latest MetaWear iOS App release.

    Let me know.
  • I got it yesterday delivered

    I deleted the app and downloaded it again. -> doesn't work
    I desoldered the battery and plugged in only the USB Cable -> doesn't work
    I downloaded the nRF Toolbox, Searched for the board -> doesn't work

    Should I test the board on an Android phone?!

    any suggestions?

    Thank you

  • I tested the pins with a multimeter.
    VUSB - GND -> 5V 
    VBAT - GND -> 4.1V (battery not connected)
    V3V - GND -> 2.9V

  • I'm having the exact same problem...I just tried updating the the 0.8 firmware and now the IOS app will not connect to the metawear...everything was working great before that update.

    Is there any way to do a hard reset on the board without going through the IOS app?   ARe there any other solutions to fix this...my $86 board just became a rock which really sucks :(
  • I got this working...fortunately the Android app is different than the IOS app...I was able to tell the MetaWear was in MetaBoot state...had to following this:

    Firmware Update [10/21/2014] v0.6.0
    The new iOS App version 1.1 fixes the MetaBoot problem.

    If your board is stuck in MetaBoot mode follow these steps:

    1.  Download Nordic Toolbox App from the App Store.
    2.  Download the latest MetaWear firmware hex file from this link: http://releases.mbientlab.com/metawear/vanilla/latest
    3.  Use the Nordic Toolbox App to load the file "firmware.hex" onto the MetaWear device that is stuck in "MetaBoot".
    4.  On success the device will start to advertise as "MetaWear" again.

  • Now I need an Android phone :D

  • The nordic toolbox app is also on iOS.
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    I know, but I don't know how to put my Board into MetaBoot state
    Read my problem above

    When will a new version of the iOS app in the App Store be available?
    My latest is 1.1
    The latest in GitHub 1.2
  • schartiph,

    Try holding the button on the MetaWear down while plugging it the USB power cable in. This should trigger a reset of the module. Let me know if this work. If not, you might have to manually trigger the reset pins.

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    Thank you!!

    I tested this but I only managed it 1 time for about 10 sec. 

    Searched on a Galaxy S3 for my board(In the app) and after I selected the "MetaBoot" the App crashed :(

    I have to press the Mechanical Switch and than plug in the USB power cable(battery connected or disconnected ?) .. Then release the switch and it should trigger a reset???

    Am I wrong??

    Manually Reset -> Pin 20 to GND?


  • "I have to press the Mechanical Switch and than plug in the USB power cable(battery connected or disconnected ?) .. Then release the switch and it should trigger a reset???"
    Yes that is correct. Battery can be connected or disconnected. If the battery is disconnected, then you must keep the power cable connected in order to continue providing power to the board.

    "Manually Reset -> Pin 20 to GND?"
    Yup. We realized it's actually not listed clearly on the schematics on the website. Will fix this issue ASAP.

    Your board might already in MetaBoot at this point. Try using the nRF toolbox at this point and see if you can flash the latest firmware with the nRF app.
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