MetaMotion R battery


two simple questions about MetaMotion R battery:

1. what is voltage level when battery is fully charged? it seems I read somwhere here in the forum 4.2V, is it correct?
2. below what voltage level is suggested to recharge the board in order to avoid "malfunctioning"? 



  • Yes 4.2V.

    What do you mean by "malfunctioning"?  Simply recharging the battery when it has died is fine.
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    Hi Eric,

    what I wanted to mean is if a quite low voltage (i.e. let's say 1 volt) may compromise board functionality.
    hope I've been more clear.

  • That depends on how you are using the board.  You can get an estimate by starting with a fully charged battery monitoring the voltage while using the board exactly as you would in the field until the battery is empty.
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