Metamotion C sensor 6axis

I have bought meta motion C sensor with 6 axis to measure our machine movements. I have tested the sensor in the normal environment , working fine, no problem.  When I use the sensor in the machine, it has lots of noise. I would like to do the filtering techniques to remove the noise, unfortunately I don't know maximum threshold for normal movements and noise. could you please help me to figure out at what frequency range the noise will start. So that I can remove that noise.

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  • What kind of motion does the machine make?  Also, please post the recorded data that showcases the noise.
  • We have put the sensor into two different mass finishing machines. one of them is vibration trough (speed is around 25rpm) in which the sensor gave a circular motion. There were lots of noise and vibration involved in the process. For the second machine a centrifugal machine (around 200 rpm) where a spiral motion except to be observed, only noise invoved.

    Gyro data with 250degrees scale

  • Put images on an image hosting site like Imgur.  Also, please include the actual sensor values and let us know how fast you are sampling the data.
  • Please find the graphs of Acceleration and Gyro (both sampling rate are set as 100 Hz) collected from vibration trough machine

    Gyroscope Data


  • Hi Malarram,

    In order for us to figure out what frequency range your noise is in exactly, we would have to work with your data (which requires you to setup a support contract with MbientLab). However, I can suggest using a low-pass filter of some sort as a good first step. I think you will see that a lot of your noise will be removed with that alone. After applying a low-pass filter, you can look to perform an FFT and use frequency domain filters.

    Also, if you have a MetaCloud subscription and upload the data to our service, you can apply several useful filters automatically and visually inspect your data.

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