firmware update


Was able to update the firmware from 0.6.0 to 0.8.0 with the MetaWearApiTest version 1.1
Of course I couldn't connect after the upgrade of the firmware with my iPhone.
The new version of Metaware on AppStore is not yet available, so I downloaded the version 1.2
from GitHub. Everything works fine.
May I suggest to prevent the app from downloading and installing a new version incompatible with the app
and to add in MetaWearTest  the version number of the app so we know which version is installed.
Thanks for the new version


  • Claude,

    It takes up to a minute for the board to come out of reset after an update. This is in our documentation at

    The version on the App Store and of the firmware are also documented. All versions are compatible with previous App or firmware versions. The only issue you may run into is with iOS8 compatibility.

    You can use the App to check the current firmware version of your board; there is a button for this at the top (and the App checks your board firmware version again the latest on our server automatically).
  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for clarifying, sorry I misinterpreted the fact that I could not connect after the upgrade of the firmware
    to 0.8.0
    Version: I was talking about the version of the IOS application and not the version of the firmware.
  • cpignol,

    We have been able to reproduce this.
    It looks like a bug and we are working on fixing it this week.
    We hope to give you a fix ASAP!
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