max memory logged data using Acel + gyros

I would like the MetaMOTIONC or R. But I would like to know the max data I could get using 12.5hz acel and gyroscope?.
If it has 8mb flash memory.
12.5hz would be 750x min and 45000 values in 1hour. The max is 500k?.

Is it possible get memory flash higher than 8mb?.
I would like to logging 24h continuous acel and gyros at 12.5hz. How I can calculate the max time i could log data?.


  • Max is slightly under 525k total data samples for either acc or gyro, halve that if recording both which amounts to about a ~350 minutes log time for both acc & gyro 12.5Hz.

    You will have to contact MbientLab directly for custom hardware designs.  Alternatively, you should consider streaming the data as even if there were more flash memory available, you would still need to transfer it to your host device which can take a long time over the BLE connection.
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