Getting Started question - [EDIT please help me.]

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Hi! I’m Yuuki Kawamura!

I’d like to ask you something but I’m not good at English.

I hope you’ll understand what I want to know.

I’m a Japanese student that is trying to use metawear to create wearable terminal by myself .

Since I don’t know the knowledge of programming so much, I’d like to ask you something below.

question: Where do you program on metawear API?

Could you tell me a source code if you have?

I want to shine green LED when you receive LINE.

And I want to shine blue LED when you receive Facebook.

Please let me know what part and how we should add the code on the sample source code.

Our work environment:: eclipse4.2 juno, terminal is Android4.4.2 Memopad7 me176.

Thanks in advance!


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