Metawear app crashes

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Metawear app crashing frequently after getting connected after sometime.It only get rectified after resetting the hardware.
I have tested it many MetawearC and in other devices : Xiaomi Note3, Mi Prime2 and Oneplus 5
Info extracted using Metabase app:
 "App": "MetaBase",
"App Revision": "2.1.11",
"Host Device": "Xiaomi Redmi Note 3",
"OS": "Android",
"OS Version": "6.0.1",
"MAC": "F3:A8:25:7D:85:D4",
"Model": "MetaWear C",
"Model Number": "2",
"Firmware": "1.3.6",
"Hardware": "0.3",
"Serial Number": "00EC09",
"Manufacturer": "MbientLab Inc",
"RSSI": "-84 dBm",
"Battery": "35%"

Have you guys removed Metawear app from Playstore?



  • Post a stack trace of the crash and steps to reproduce said crash.
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    -Metawear app gets disconnected with board frequently.
    -Sometimes Metawear app remains connected with the board for longer duration after resetting, but behaves same later on.
    - I am face the same behavior with my app, where to catch the error i called
    and got error "status 8" and "status 34", what does these errors mean by?

    P.S.  MetaWear app is not available on Appstore anymore?
  • The MetaWear app is available on GitHub.

    How are you using the app prior to these disconnect issues?

    Those are status codes from the Android Bluetooth stack.  You can look them up in the Android C code if you want.
  • It used to happen before as well but i ignored it because it rectifies itself, i don't know how by resetting or changing the battery.
    but now it's happening more frequently, so i was really digging down for the reason.
    What could be the possible reason, is it the hardware(metawear board) or software issue?
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    Again, how are you using the app prior to seeing this disconnect issue?

    It is most likely the Bluetooth stack of those vendor specific Android builds.  I can't tell for certain as we don't have any of those phones in the office.  The devices we do have (old Samsung and Nexus devices) work just fine.

    Do you see the same issues with other BLE apps, such as the nRF Connect app?
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