Computing with Data from 2 Sensors

Hi everyone, so I've managed to successfully pair two sensors and have them stream data to my application. However, after performing the addRouteAsync I cannot access that data beyond that call. How can I manipulate the data between the two sensors (labelled in code as "Sensor Math Here")?

My code .java file: 


  • You can forward the data into a merge function that combines the separate data values into 1 data value.  The function will need to keep track of which board the data came from so it can forward the merged data only when it has values available from both boards.
  • Is there any documentation on how I could do this? I've looked into MultiCast but that seems to the exact opposite of what you're explaining. Thanks again for your help!
  • No, there is no API feature to do this. You need to implement it yourself.
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