Connection problems with javascript API

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After changing my code to javascript, I experience some errors, mainly

noble warning: unknown handle XX disconnected!

What is the number XX related to? is it an error? I have seen 32, 34, 35, 67.

Also sometimes i get:
noble: unknown peripheral d048de5db6c0 connected!
noble: unknown peripheral d048de5db6c0 disconnected!

I am trying to connect a few sensors. It was 4 sensors in range and I was trying to use 1 or 2 BTLE interfaces. Both internal laptop one and BT dongle both give this errors.

UPDATE: I see that if I connect to the sensors one by one, I can connect 2 simultaneously to an interface. The third will time out (I set the timer to 20seconds). But if I use another interface, I can keep connecting, always 2 maximum per interface (I tested with the internal bt adapter and 2 bt dongles i have).


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    Those are internal errors from Noble.  The Noble devs can provide more insight into what those error messages mean.

    You should be able to connect to more than 2 devices per adapter; connecting 4 to an adapter shouldn't be an issue.

    • What code are you running to connect to a list of devices?  
    • Who is the manufacturer of the BT adapters you are using?
  • Ok, I have found something more. I tried with the multi_devices example, putting 4 devices and it connects to all 4. Then, I basically took the same code but this time the address (only one) to connect to comes from command line.

    If I start 4 processes, each one for each of the previously said 4 addresses, there are two scenarios (either of which work):

    1) If i start all processes at once, either no one connects, or first two connect and start giving some errors:

     noble: unknown peripheral null connected!
    Error: Command Disallowed (0xc)
        at NobleBindings.onLeConnComplete (/home/aribes/Projects/wear/sensor_manager/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/bindings.js:220:13)
        at emitOne (events.js:116:13)
        at Hci.emit (events.js:211:7)
        at Hci.processCmdStatusEvent (/home/aribes/Projects/wear/sensor_manager/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:676:12)
        at Hci.onSocketData (/home/aribes/Projects/wear/sensor_manager/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:471:12)
        at emitOne (events.js:116:13)

    2) if I start the processes one by one, waiting for the previous to be connected, then only the first two connect successfuly, the third stays forever in "connecting" state.

    The dongle I am using is an ASUS BT400.
  • Is each process using a different HCI device?
  • No, each process uses the same HCI device. In fact, I realized that maximum two processes can access to the same HCI interface, the third one starts giving problems. 

    I guess it is a limitation of the noble library and/or any of the underlying system libs, but I hope it can be overcome in some way.

    ps. Is python sdk using a different underlying lib? I say because in my python implementation, I could connect 4 sensors using 4 processes with the same HCI interface.
  • No, as stated in the other thread, every linux ble library uses BlueZ.

    Is there any particular reason why you are using multiple processes to connect to multiple boards instead of having 1 process connect to multiple devices?  In general, each process should be using its own HCI device.
  • It is due to the architecture I am using. The design of one process per sensor is because I have a sensor manager process that scans for sensors and manages connections. In python it was better to have separated processes because I can use better the CPU, and in case of connection problems, the manager can just kill the process and respawn.

    Yes, I could redesign and use one nodejs process per HCI interface, and the manager just send requests for connection to them, but I wanted to avoid it if possible.
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