Battery options for MetaTracker

Is there an alternative to the CR2450 battery for the MetaTracker? It says on the website the typical battery life is 4 weeks, which is not very ideal, and looking for a longer lasting alternatives. Thanks!


  • Where on the website did you see "4 weeks"?

    The CR2450 can last you months depending on the use case.
  • "Battery lasts up to 20 weeks. Typical battery life is 4 weeks"
  • Ah ok, I was looking at the MetaTracker page. 

    Well, how long do you need the board to run on a single battery?  As stated in my previous post, actual battery life depends on what features / sensors you are using and how frequently you are sampling data.
  • I think we want to pretty much the longest life possible. We are even considering wired solutions, just for the sake setting it and forgetting it.
  • You will probably need some customizations then if you indeed want a bigger battery or a wired solution.  However, that seems like a waste of money when you can get months of use on 1 CR2450.

    If you still want to pursue this path, contact Mbientlab directly and they can provide you with a quote.
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