Unstable communications with Metamotion C running 1.3.6 and 1.3.7 firmware

Hi Matt and Eric,

We have found there seems to be a large inconsistency with connecting using both your Iphone apps. We have been testing long term current consumption of 18 MetamotionC units, we have now ceased that test and are trying to do final checking before fulfilling our customer's order.

What we started doing was to make sure the sensors would connect to Metawear App and then run it through a bunch of simple tests to make sure all seemed like it was working. We have been running these Metamotion C units with firmware revision 1.3.7. The phone used is an Iphone 6 running IOS 11.0.3 (same IOS version through all the tests). Current tests did not require constant connection to software as we were testing the idle current.

The connecting of sensors to your apps seems very unstable. We are not sure why as we click connect, then it times out, then we try again and it will sometimes connect, or we may have to try a third time. Once its connected, when you try to flash it with the latest firmware (1.3.6) it will sometimes time out again and die. It could take up to 30 mins of trying and trying again before an update will be accepted.

Once you are connected it says (a lot of the time) (LIMITED) beside Connected. This only allows you to flash lights and that’s about it. We have tried going back and forth between 1.3.6 and 1.3.7 (beta).

Can you work out what this would have all of a sudden started doing this?

We have also done complete meta boot start up and reflashed Mbient Lab software. This process can also be very hard to get through because of dropping connection or timing out.

The sensors are about 2” away from the phone and signal strength is high.

Also do you know when you will finish firmware update 1.3.7 and make it released as the main firmware to run?


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    • The "Limited Connection" message is explained in the SDK's README
    • Are you running these tests with fresh batteries?
    • Were these tests running successfully before?

    Devices won't always successfully connect the first time thought we have not encountered any chronic connection issues.

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