mbientlab MetaWear sensor and Unity : Any tutorials or working sample assets?

Has anyone developed a working sample of a Unity asset or a tutorial for making the MetaWear sensors work with Unity, yet?

I have successfully created Unity apps for Android that connect to an Adafruit BLE sensor device, but I was wondering if there are existing samples of code or otherwise for Unity + MetaWear, before I try to reinvent the wheel.


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    Some users have tried creating unity projects with the C++ SDK but that was a while ago and I don't know if they were successful or not.

    MbientLab has not developed any Unity assets or tutorials.

  • Thanks for that information. I couldn't find any clear information about Unity when I searched the forums. I think many people would be interested in a guide to use these sensors with Unity. I'm glad to share what I've learned working with BLE and Unity, if you want to try to make something for your sensors and Unity.

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