JavaScript Tutorial

Hi, I can't run the Node app following the steps you describe in the JavaScript tutorial. However, with this project,, I can run the app and interact with the metaboard without any problem. I don't know if I'm missing something but following tutorial steps I don't get the led blinking.


    • Which part(s) of the tutorial aren't working for you?
    • What OS /and device are you using?
  • I'm using a MetaMotion C in macOS High Sierra. The problem occurs when I try to run the .js examples. It gets stuck, the code works till the device.connectAndSetUp() function, after that it doesn't happen anything. I can see how the mac connects to the board in the Bluetooth interface from the top menu, but it does not happen anything else.

  • Do you see any activity over the BLE link after connecting?

    The JavaScript SDK has only been tested on Linux; use the Swift SDK if working on OSX.

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