Recording simultaneous from 3 Meta Motion R+ using Sensor Fusion

Hi Eric,

I would like to simultaneously record data from 3 Meta Motion R+ sensors using my Android Samsung S8 for a period of 12 hours.
Data I'm interested in recording are Absolute Orientation (quaternion) and Linear Acceleration at 50 Hz. I understand the Metawear App will not allow the recording of both so will need to write an App.

During the 12 hour period, I have the option of switching out sensors as I have ordered a surplus.

My questions are:
1. Is it possible to simultaneously record the Absolute Orientation (quaternion) and Linear Acceleration at 50 Hz?
2. Is there any information on battery life while streaming or logging the aforementioned data?
3. I'm a beginner-intermediate Android App developer, can you please direct me to an example which utilizes sensor fusion (quaternion)?

Your response is much appreciated.



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    1. Yes
    2. No. You can easily collect this yourself by configuring the boards and seeing how long it takes for the battery to go from a fresh state to empty.
      I doubt you will get 12 hours of continuous streaming with the provided battery so you may want to look into attaching a bigger LiPo battey
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