Timestamp break in time

I'm developing an algorithm to detect a particular arm movement.
Actually, I'm logging the accelerometer and gyroscope data at 50Hz for both (using the Metabase app for windows), while trying to merge the acc and gyro data I found the following problem (for multiple logging csv file):

epoch (ms) column breaks in series like this:

row index epoch (ms)
1285 1524089657989
1286 1524089658008
1287 1524089658028
1288 1524089658049
1289 1525258553276
1290 1525258553297
1291 1525258553317

Do I have to reorder the rows by epoch or should I** safely **ignore the problem and overwrite the epoch column?



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    Did your board lose power while recording? There is a 1168895227ms gap between entry 1289 and 1288 which suggests something like that could have happened.

    Does this epoch issue happen consistently?

    If nothing strange happened to the board, then you can overwrite the epoch column and I'll need to look over the C# SDK code.

  • It happened on 3 datasets, now I'm using a self-made app with the C# API and it has not happened anymore.

    I can not tell you with certainty that nothing happened on the board, by overwriting the epoch column accelerometer data seems to be continuous and not broken in time

    Thank you

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