MetaMotionR+ Apparent Battery failure & firmware update failure

We have ~35 MetaMotion R+ sensors: 2 of them are currently stuck in MetaBoot mode, and 1 seems to have a dead battery. Many of the sensors would have been unused for several weeks, however that doesn't seem to have been a problem for the rest of the sensors.

For the two stuck in MetaBoot mode:
The MetaWear iOS Sample app can only see them when they are plugged in to usb power (if unplugged, they instantly are no longer visible). The app tries to update the firmware when connecting to the two sensors, however the update fails within ~10 seconds into the update process. The affected sensors would be on firmware 1.3.3 (I think...)

For the 3rd sensor that is working, but only on usb power:
It seems to function normally, battery reports as full in both the MetaBase app and the sample app, however it dies as soon as the usb is unplugged. This sensor is on firmware 1.3.7

All 3 of the problem sensors have been tried with various usb transformers to no effect.

The metaboot firmware update problem sensors are:

The sensor that works, but requires usb power is:


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    • Have the LiPo batteries expanded or deformed in any way?
    • Are the battery wires making good contact with the the board?
    • Are the MetaBoot boards not rebooting back into MetaWear mode after 60s?

    Post the hardware revision of the boards in question and I can link you the firmware files for them. Try using the nRF Connect app to update the firmware instead.

    • Yeah, upon opening the 3 failed sensors' batterys seem slightly fatter than the other working ones.
    • yes, they are still securely soldered
    • correct, they remain in metaboot after firmware update failure

    The 3 failed ones are HW rev 0.2

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    I assume those batteries are also now slightly squishy. That means they are dead and should be replaced.

    Here's a direct link to the firmware that you can use with the aforementioned nRF Connect app.

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