Battery level always 0 [Android]

When running Sample App from built from source, battery level is always 0. The same when I try to get it within my app. 
I believe SDK version is 1.3.7 [Android]
Device firmware 0.9.0
Hardware 0.2

It doesn't make sense to get '0', since board is on. 


  • Igor,
    That is an issue that we have been seeing for a long time; it is a hardware issue, not a software one (your code is working) and we are attempting to solve it.
  • Hi Laura,
    but if it's a hardware issue, does that mean that my boards will always show 0? Is it possible that you'll come up with firmware fix? 
  • edited January 2015
    We are not sure yet if we can fix with a firmware update or if we will be looking for better ICs for the MetaWear battery charging circuit.
  • I would also like to know what battery life expectancy  in standby mode is. Could you clarify that since I don't see actual charge?
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