MetaWear Analog read

Hi, I am trying to read the metawear GPIO analog read with the duration of 0.4milliseconds. However, I cannot read the data faster than 100milliseconds. Can you please tell me how can I read the analog read faster?


  • - Streaming via BLE limited to <200hz from accelerometer due to bandwidth saturation
    - Logging limited to around 10-15 seconds of data at 800hz from the accelerometer

    My suggestion would be to log the GPIO value at 100ms and download it later to your phone for analysis.
  • Thanks Laura for you comment.
    But I am little confuse now, what do you mean by BLE limitation of 200hz? does that mean it can only transfer 200bps?
    However, the metawear datasheet mentions that it has Low energy bluetooth 4.0 which can transfer upto 100kbps.

    So for my project, are you purposing that I should buy another microcontroller? Since I need to read the GPIO pin at 0.4ms

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    Practical transfer rates for Bluetooth low energy technology are below 100 kbps (actual payload of roughly 1/20).
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