Max number of simultaneous connections

Hi -
Hoping to get some clarification on how many simultaneous mbient devices can be connected and streaming data to a single endpoint. I understand this is dependent upon the data rate, so let's assume a low rate ( < 5 Hz ) per sensor.

I've reviewed the tutorials and it seems like the max recommended is 7 on Windows and 10 on Linux (from here: ). Also, the max supported by the mbientlabs apps is listed as 3, but up to 20? in Linux (see here: connections)

Is there a max number of connected/active sensors which are supported? Has anyone connected more than 7 and care to comment about your results/success? Any experiences welcome.



  • Those number are just recommendations. There are all sorts of variables that will impact stability and performance when using multiple devices and each system will perform differently.

    You will just have to test your setup to see how well it will perform.

  • @TheDude
    The # of connections depend on OS, hardware, ble libraries, which metasensor is used, and which api/sdk is used.

    As Eric said, you need to try out what works for you.

    I have had the most success with Linux based systems with high performing dongles and MMRs.

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