Unable to connect to board (is in MetaBoot mode) - firmware is v.0.3.2 after failure in update

I tried to update the firmware of the MetaMotionR board, but the attempt failed: after clicking to update the firmware, it was stuck in 0% indefinitely, so I clicked cancel and an error popped up. Since then, the board is in MetaBoot mode and I can't connect to it neither with the Android MetaWear app, the Windows MetaBase app, or the code examples in Python, except for the scan_connect.py
That one establishes connection and shows the board info, including the firmware version which now is 0.3.2 when before was 1.4.4.

I read old posts (e.g. https://mbientlab.com/community/discussion/110/no-connection-after-firmware-update) suggesting to use the nordic app to install the firmware.hex in the board, but I see that now firmware is not made available to developers.
So, what should I do?

Thanks in advance.


  • What is your board's current device information?

  • This is the only information I can get, using the example code scan_connect.py provided in the tutorials.
    So, firmware version is currently 0.3.2

  • I also read this post (https://mbientlab.com/community/discussion/2750/metamotion-r-stuck-in-metaboot-mode) and I did the steps from installing nRF Connect app to click the DFU small button, but when I select to upload a .zip file package and select the "firmware.zip", it opens the zip and I am forced to click one of the files inside the zip rather than just selecting the zip folder, in order to return to the nRF app. So, the log says "[DFU] Opening file failed: File not found".
    Did I miss something?

    Thank you.

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    For your specific device, you need this firmware file:

    You should be able to select the zip file, maybe you need a different file explorer app.

  • Thank you. I'll check other file explorer for future issues.
    For now, finally I found an iphone, installed the MetaBase app and it was able to establish communication with the board. So I could update the firmware successfully from there.

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