MetaWear App v3.5.26 Crashes in sampling mode

Hi !

First, let's talk about devices and versions:
I am performing some tests on a MetaMotion R device with firmware 1.4.4, hardware 0.3.
For this tests i am using MetaWear App v3.5.26 which i installed directly using your apk.
(downloaded here :
on two different phones:

  • Honor 8X with android 8.1.0 and BLE 4.2
  • Asus zenphone 3 with android 8.1.0 and BLE 4.0

The issue is that, sometimes, when i start the sampling mode (i usually do it with accelerator only) the following happens:

  • During the first ~5s of recording it may randomly crash and return on the 'select device' interface (with honor 8x) or just exit the app (with Asus zenphone 3).
  • But if it doesn't crash during those ~5s, it may never crash anymore, or only if I pause/unpause or pause/clear/unpause.

This issue may not happen sometimes, or may happen like 5 time in a row (max) before it works.

I haven't tried the apk v3.5.0 enough, but at this moment i haven't encountered this issue with this version, yet.

I am surprised not to have see any similar issues on the forum (i may have not searched enough), then i am curious to know what i may be doing wrong.

I look forward to benefit from some of your advices.

Thanks in advance,



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