The sampling value is not consistent with the documentation


I'm trying to read the sampling values from the accelerometer and on the docs says the values are in milli g's, but that isn't what is happening on my device.
I listed below the values of my sampling and the respective range configuration:
8G -> x:-4 y:-47 z:970
4G -> x:-2 y:-22 z:482
2G -> x:-1 y:-12 z:240

All those values are extracted from the board laying on my table with the button switch face up.
In my interpretation, it looks like it only reads in 8G and then scale down the values to match the boundaries of the other configs.

Finally my question is, what is the unit of the sampling value?

My MetaWear info:
Firmware: 1.0.1
Hardware: 0.2
Android Api: 1.6.21

Thanks in advance,


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    How are you using the API to control the accelerometer?  It sounds like you are configuring XYZ sampling while the accelerometer is still running.  You have to stop accelerometer before configuring any of its components.
  • Thanks, Eric
    That was it, I was forgetting to call Accel.stopComponents().
    I'm having a similar issue with the led, is there something to clear the led pattern other than Led.stop(true)?
    Even in the MetaWear App, I can't clear the led pattern without resetting the board.

    Thanks again, you guys are awesome!
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