iOS API Release 0.1.0 is Live

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The first official release of the MetaWear iOS API is now live.

The specifications can be found in the Development Center under 'MetaWear API and Sample Apps'.

Please note that this is an alpha release, and there will be several iterations with quality improvements and added features.

Release Highlights:
  • BLE scan, rssi, connect and disconnect function and callbacks
  • Accelerometer X,Y,Z function and callbacks
  • Button activation function and callbacks
  • GPIO function and callbacks
  • LED function and callbacks
  • Sample iOS App that uses the API
    • MetaWear scan and connect
    • Finder mode that sniffs MetaWear boards and RSSI values
    • Accelerometer Graphing with X,Y,Z callbacks
    • Temperature and Mechanical Switch/Button live readouts
    • LED Color picker
 Let us know what features and capabilities matter the most to you, and we'll adjust our focus accordingly.


  • Hi, first I'd like to congratulate for the great work you are doing, I can't wait to develop my first app for MetaWear.
    I was wondering if in the future we can have access to the source code of the static library, and also if there are plans like porting the library to swift or integrate the library with cocoapods.

  • Hey fjbelchi,
    We have definitely been thinking about it but it the meantime our main priority is making this release stable.
  • I'd like more information on interacting with the ANCS service. I want the MetaWear to vibrate when I receive an ANCS notification.
  • I used the iOS API tonight and had a fun time. Threading was a bit weird until I found out all your callbacks return on a background thread. I'm sure there are lots of people including myself who'd love to help and contribute to the API if you were to open source it. 
  • I also would be very happy to help.
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