'Wrap-around' (over-write) continuous logging to 64Mb Flash?

Hi, is there a way to perform 'wrap-around' or 'circular' logging to the 64Mb Flash on MetaMotionC? i.e. instead of "log" (which stops when full), I'd like to be able to just go back to the Flash start address and keep-overwriting. This way I could always have access to the most recent 64Mbits of data, for my algorithm.
I see the Flash chip has a minimum erase sector of either 4KB or 64KB, i.e. I’d have to erase in blocks or chunks as I go along (that’s ok .. :-)


  • Yes, start logging with overwrite=1. The exact setup depends on the API you are using.

  • Thanks Eric. So with 'overwrite=1', does the firmware "log" routine take care of sector-erase and other housekeeping? (My API will need to "look back" at previous few hours readings as part of algorithm, to change filter coefficients etc).

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