Euler Angles

I´m trying to use the Euler angles to rotate and object. I would like to know the convention used by the sensor to compute the Euler angles. What I mean is that the sensor gives you pitch, roll and yaw but I could find to witch axis of the sensor each one corresponds. Is it pitch the rotation in in the X axis, roll in Y and yaw in Z? On the other hand, if want to compute the rotation matrix, is the order of the rotation XYZ? And theta for pitch, phi for roll and psi for yaw?
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  • Check the BOSCH documentation, our datasheet, and our tutorials.

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    @IBo, you'll want to have a look at the datasheet for the board model you're working with to determine axis orientation. Rotation is also indicated and follows the right hand rule. The sensorfusion implementation defines euler rotation as x=pitch, y=roll, z=yaw.

    You can find the datasheets at

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