MetaMotionR+ battery issue or something else?

I have been using MetaMotionR+ for awhile, but after couple of sessions sensors disappear and do not show up when I do Bluetooth search. I am wondering if the issue with batteries or could be something else? The sensors comes with built battery, Can we get a replacement from somewhere?


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    You should follow the steps at to figure out what the issue actually is. If you think it's a defect and your item is under warranty, you can file a claim here: -> file a ticket

    You can replace your own battery if you are confident with soldering;

    Or you can hire us to do it for you:

    It is a standard lipo battery attached to the metamotionr+ sensor; the battery has limited capacity, around 60mAH so you can deplete it quickly if all the sensors and bluetooth are on.

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    @Laura thank you for the info. very helpful! Do you think a good working battery won’t last for 30 min session getting data from the sensors? I only connect to the sensors less than 5 mins then I disconnect. I also keep the sensors plugged in via USB cable and battery level always 100%. I have batteries and I can replace them, but the behavior is kind of strange.

  • Try to reset the board. Probably your sensor goes in bad state and after that you can't find it with your bluetooth. Also try to turn off/on your device bluetooth. Do you use an Android device?

  • @rabee05, follow @nakos suggestion and also you can use our battery reading API to do a bit of research on how fast the battery is spent during your sessions. You will need to experiment here.

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