BLE dongle on win 10 don't see devices

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I bought through mbientlab 2 BLE dongles to.

I plugged in the dongle and installed the win 10 app, but the devices I have are not seen by my computer.

In the deice manager I see "Generic bluetooth radio" device was added.

I tried it on a laptop and on a desktop, both with up to date win10 - same issue accrues.

I do succeed to see the devices (MMCs) with my iphone app.

Please advise.


After some time it did succeed to connect. I didn't do anything.
But it looks like the signal is weak and sometimes it disconcts.
The battery is new with 100% (MMC)


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    Windows only supports 1 dongle at a time. Make sure the drivers are installed correctly and test it with our Python examples:

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