daily log data transfer??

Hi there,

I'm trying log data for a day(~8hours?) and receive the data to an android phone.
It seems like it is capable of doing such function, but my device stops it-self after being disconnected from the android device.
How can I make it run it-self for a day??

Also if I want metawear to send its daily log automatically at certain time, it has possibility of transfer failure due to various reasons.
What happens to the original data? does it gets lost or does metawear saves the dataset??


  • What kind of data are you trying to log and how have you attempted to do it?  It sounds like your phone is sending read commands rather than the device internally reading data on its own.

    Downloading data is initiated from the app side, not the board.  Your app should connect and trigger a download rather than the board making the attempt.  If the connection is dropped during the transfer, the download will stop and wait for you to restart the download.
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